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Successful MERRILLEE’s Campaign Kick Off Fundraiser – Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson


  Dear Subscriber,

We are activating our newsletter and hope you will tune in and stay informed as we progress on our journey towards election day.  This is the very successfull fundraiser held on September 7.


Merrillee starts off the fun-filled evening by giving a brief introduction of the agenda. The event started at 7 pm and went like clockwork. She speaks to an interested, attentive and intelligent crowd.



Featured speak John Moran, is a nature photographer and gifted speaker who cares deeply for the environment. His inspiring talk was a balance between our water concerns and Merrillee’s many qualities and achievements.


Very popular spot was the delicious food table, with all sorts of delights.  The table was hosted by Sanna Saare, and the food was supplied by Bambi’s Country Market and by Sarah Baldwin. We can attest that everything was wonderfully good.



The caterers, Sarah Baldwin, Rhonda Long and Jill, enjoyed a break after a full day of prepping for the evening’s appetizers.




Second to the Food Table, the art auction room was the most popular spot during the evening. Many fine donations drew the attention of the crowd, and there was no lacking of bids. Many thanks go the the generous artist donors, bidders and buyers.  Artists recognized the significance and importance in sending an artist, such as Merrillee, to Tallahassee and they showed their support with amazing “in kind” donations.  The art auction was organized and monitored by volunteer Patti Street, lower left front. Other volunteers seen here are Chris Mericle, Pam Blasetti, Rhonda Long, and Kristin Rubin here with husband Jack.




More workers manned the table. Thanks to Karen Chadwick (standing behind table), Sarah   Younger (far right) active and productive volunteers on Merrillee’s team.


The  crowd enjoyed the music of Quarter Moon,  songwriter, Emmett Carlisle and
songwriter, Ellen Bukstel, and Ray Carson on bass.

Merrillee with good friend Marihelen Wheeler, who is  on the November ballot for Alachua County Commissioner.

As of September 18, 2018, Merrillee has received 239 contributions totaling $22,818.50.