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“I believe the health of our natural systems is directly connected to the health of our residents, communities and economy. That fact, along with a respect for different viewpoints and opinions, will guide my candidacy.”

Merrillee’s platform is focused on the issues that impact our communities today and tomorrow. Our quality of life, our health and our jobs are all dependent on the way that land and water shape our lives and our communities. Merrillee will work for:

  • Water protection for natural systems and drinking water
  • Localized jobs in a creative economy through trades and services, and ecotourism
  • Clean Energy
  • Ban fracking for oil and gas
  • Sustainable farming
  • Affordable health care
  • Low impact development
  • No new phosphate mining
  • Supporting teachers and public education.
  • Enforcement of existing gun laws and safety in public spaces
  • Equity and justice for people of color, LGBQT rights, Woman’s rights, and for any and all people who are just like you and me that live, work and are a part of our community to make it a better place full of differences and yet included in all spaces.


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