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Merrillee, Merrillee, Merrillee : November 2018 General Election – Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson—businesswoman and water advocate, has successfully achieved the correct amount of petitions signed by constituents in ALL of the counties she intends to represent as she pursues a run for Florida State Representative in District 10, which includes Alachua, Baker, Columbia, Hamilton and Suwannee Counties. All of these counties are within the high recharge for the Floridan aquifer—the very heart of the aquifer system in Florida.

As a long time advocate for clean water, sustainable growth and development with an emphasis on a creative economy, she will represent our community in a manner that is consistent with her past experiences. She has been a leader in assisting communities to protect their natural resources through the attention and engagement in public meetings and workshops with residents who live and work in our community.

“The springs heartland—lies within the middle and upper Suwannee River, the lower Santa Fe River, the Ichetucknee River including all the associated springsheds which are located within District 10,” Merrillee said. “Our natural systems are directly connected to the health of our residents, communities and economy. I have been concerned for over a decade that the coastal communities will be moving in and up. State leadership must prepare and create a vision on how we stay sustainable, for now and for future generations, with respect to future growth.”