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Memorial Day 2018, A WAC Veteran Volunteer – Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

On this Memorial Day 2018, we honor those military personnel who protected our great nation’s freedom. Today, we honor those who have given their ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe.

My great grandmother, Marion E. Murphy, my Nana, was one of approximately 150,000 women who 1st ever served in the US Army. In May of 1944, at the age of 46, she dedicated her life by enlisting in the Women’s Army Corp, WAC. Being an enlisted WAC was one of the few ways a woman could join in servicing their country at this time in our young American history. Unbeknownst to her when she first signed the papers to enlist, D-Day came about a month after she got her orders to report to duty. She knew the harsh realities of war and recognized her trailblazing importance to this enlistment for all women who followed her and she was proud of her place in history.
After The Victory and the end of her paid military service, she became a lifelong volunteer for military veterans who returned home from war. Nana and her patriotic friends and veterans helped develop and keep strong The American Legion, Post 156 in Miami, Florida. She taught me what service means, dedication, honor and willingness to volunteer when help is needed.
Today, our country reflects in honor of all women and men who served in the military and more importantly for those who gave their lives for the United States of America.