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Lake City Reporter Political Forum – Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, Merrillee participated in a political forum at the offices of the Lake City Reporter in Lake City.  She gave a two-minute introduction speech, after drawing number for the order in which to speak.  With her were Ron Williams (D) and Chuck Brannon (R).  The other NPA candidate Fred Martin, did not attend.

Editor Robert Bridges had several questions for each person, and publisher Todd Wilson was the moderator.  The ensuing group conservation was friendly, with no mudslinging at all.  An earlier forum, which was open to the public, was held at Gateway College.  It created some controversy since the newspaper announcement regarding it was not specifically clear that it was for the primaries only.  Under a veil of controversy, the Gateway College Forum ended abruptly the previous week from this taping, after over 30 years of its opportunity for candidate to be heard.

Albeit raw and sometime amateurish production quality, The Lake City Reporter is commended for at least trying to get these candidates out in front of the public in order to understand what these individuals represent so voters can be more informed when they cast their ballots. 

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