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Early Voting Signs and more Signs – Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

Time flies and early voting started  last week so signs were placed the day before at the early voting places.  Merrillee did a midnight run for Alachua, and volunteers went to Branford, Lake City, Dowling Park and Jasper.

 This is the lineup just west of the Branford Library.  Here were encountered Jennifer and her assistant, from Suwannee Co. Supervisor of Elections office, installing the voting booths.  Merrillee’s signs far outnumber the opponents here.


Live Oak.  Here we converted a registered Republican who votes the issues.  He did not know Merrillee, but soon became informed and loved the water issue, which concerns him.

This is Advent Village in Dowling Park.  Here we again encountered Jennifer and assistant, placing booths.  At this time, no other political candidate had signs here.  To be sure, we checked with the librarians for specific information and permission for placing signs.


This is Jasper looking northwest.  The signs here were strong out  in a wide area.

Jasper, the entryway looking north.

Here on Tuesday afternoon, Merrillee stands with volunteer Kristin Rubin to encourage votes.


Merrillee is here in Baker  County, early on a cool morning.

On Wednesday, after Baker Co. in the morning, she is back in Lake City at her favorite corner in front of early voting spot.