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An Example of Leadership – Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
An Example of Leadership

An Example of Leadership

On October 31, 2018 a PBS News Hour TV program highlighted our local experience to stop a really bad land use that will impact everyone downstream along the Santa Fe River and within our Floridan Aquifer system.

Our north Florida community is being seen across the world right now.  You can watch too here:

This is what an example of leadership looks like in north Florida when community members try to stop an impending dangerous phosphate mining interest from entering the land and water in a rural north Florida.

About 3 years ago residents living near the huge, 11,000-acre proposed mine in Union and Bradford counties, suddenly heard their land was soon to border a dangerous, polluting, noisy, health-threatening mine in their backyard, they were overwhelmed and had no idea where to turn.  Since Merrillee was already known throughout north Florida for her conservation activities, Becky Parker of Union Co. contacted her for help.  Merrillee immediately started community meetings in Union County to organize the concerned residents and guide them in the proper direction to oppose the mine.

It is important to know here that Merrillee was not an employee of any environmental group, rather an individual working on her own time and money in order to help people and to protect our natural resources.

Candidates running for office in District 10 should show community leadership in order to earn your vote.  Merrillee has and will continue to work with hundreds, if not thousands of residents, to ensure our rural neighborhoods remain safe and sustainable for the next generations.  What our candidate exemplifies is true leadership with will, determination and a genuine desire to help people in need with no compensation or credit.  This is not political talk, this is the path already walked and work already done.

Were either the Republican or Democratic candidate to be placed in the office of Florida House of Representatives, they would not have the first clue as to how to begin to protect our water, springs, aquifer, the oval pigtoe (WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT???).


Merrillee at an organizational meeting with Alan  Toth filming in the background.