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Volunteer Organizing Event August 10th – Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson


This Friday, August 10th, we will be organizing volunteers for a variety of upcoming efforts to get Merrillee elected in the November election.  Come see where you can plug into her Campaign to bring her to Tallahassee. 

If you have received an invitation to Merrillee’s Campaign Launch Party for Friday, August 10th, this is the situation —

The main Campaign Launch Party will take place on Friday, September 7th.  However, if you received the invitation, please come on Friday, August 10th from 6:30 until 8 pm, and meet Merrillee who will be here to welcome you.

The main Campaign Launch Party, at the same location, on September 7th will be a fundraiser with great speakers, an art auction with an auctioneer, drinks & food, and tickets will be sold.  You will hear more details here very soon about the exciting event.

Let’s Get Merrillee Elected

Volunteer for her Campaign Today

Attend Friday night event:
Rum 138
2070 SW County Road 138
Fort White, FL  32038

call or text RSVP:  1-352-222-8893